Exploration of Antarctica, Chilean Fjords and Falklands

  • CAD $19,990

  • 18 Days / 17 Nights

Experience Patagonia, the Antarctic Peninsula, and the Falkland Islands on this adventure cruise. You’ll see fjords and truly wild natural landscapes, as well as wildlife including penguins, rare seabirds, seals, and whales. From a potential landing in mythical Cape Horn to kayaking some of Antarctica’s tranquil, iceberg-filled bays, this expedition is for true explorers.


Day Destination Activities
1 Santiago de Chile Check-in to hotel and explore the city
2 Santiago de Chile

Punta Arenas


Welcome dinner

3 Chilean Fjords See the wildlife of Isla Tucker

Pass through the narrow Canal Gabriel

4 Chilean Fjords Admire the breathtaking, wild fjords

Take a boat to see wilderness and wildlife

5 Chilean Fjords

Cape Horn

Potential landing at Cape Horn
6 The Drake Passage Cross the notorious Drake Passage

First-class edu-tainment on board

7 The Drake Passage On-board activities continue

Prepare for your arrival in Antarctica

8-13 Antarctica Six adventure-packed days in Antarctica

Hike, kayak, observe wildlife, and explore

14 The Falkland Islands Arrive in a quintessentially British town

Free time to go ashore and explore

15 The Falkland Islands Roam Stanley’s streets

Join a wilderness or wildlife excursion

16 The Falkland Islands On Carcass Island, learn about bird life

Go ashore to explore, hike, or birdwatch

17 The Magellan Strait Share photos and experiences on board

Farewell dinner and party

18 Punta Arenas

Santiago de Chile


Flight to Santiago de Chile

Note: This is an expedition where the elements rule, and the weather, wind, and ice conditions will determine our schedule. Safety is paramount and the captain will decide the final sailing itinerary during the voyage. Hence, this itinerary is just an indication of what you can experience and why every expedition with Hurtigruten is unique.


After arriving in Santiago de Chile, you can explore the city for yourself before spending the night at a hotel.


After checking out of your hotel, fly to Punta Arenas, where you’ll join the ship. Once on board, you’ll be treated to a welcome dinner.


After setting sail, pass Isla Tucker, a small island that is widely known for its Magellanic penguin colony, as well as other birds, dolphins, and sea lions. The captain and his crew demonstrate their navigational skills as the ship sails through the narrow Canal Gabriel.


Upon arrival in the Chilean fjords, take in a truly unforgettable view of the plunging fjords and steep mountains blanketed in emerald forests. It’s rare to see any traces of human life on shore—the ship is surrounded by endless wilderness. In one of the fjords, take a boat ride to get a closer look at the nature and the wildlife. If the weather is good, go ashore on Cape Horn. This area is known for its high seas and challenging seafaring conditions. In other words, making it ashore is a rare achievement.


Cape Horn is one of the most mythical places on Earth. Before the Panama Canal, seafarers had to pass this infamous rocky island in order to cross from one side of the Americas to the other. Today, we’ll try once more to make a landing and go ashore here.


The Drake Passage is the stretch of ocean between the southern tip of South America, also known as Cape Horn or Tierra del Fuego, part of Chile, and the South Shetland Islands of Antarctica, off the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. On the crossing, you’ll learn a great deal about Antarctica’s natural wonders and fascinating history.


After crossing the Antarctic Convergence, you’ll start to notice the air getting crisper and colder. Here, you may spot your first Antarctic penguins in the water—keep an eye, as well, for icebergs.


Go ashore to explore the impressive Antarctic scenery and wildlife, including penguins and fur seals. From deck, there will be numerous chances to spot whales as well. Enjoy close encounters with wildlife and glaciers, old whaling stations, and relics from former expeditions.


Having just been in Antarctica, you might find it more than a little surreal to arrive in in the Falkland Islands, in a town that looks like it’s been transported straight from England with its red phone boxes, red buses, and British pubs.


Stanley is the capital on the Falkland Islands. Today, roam the city streets or join an excursion to explore regional wilderness and wildlife.


Our exciting on-board programme continues in the evening. Bird lovers will rejoice as we reach Carcass Island, a bird paradise with a rich variety of ducks, geese, penguins, albatrosses, caracaras, and wrens. It’s also one of the few islands in the region to have trees. We use our small boats go ashore to explore, hike, or take a closer look at all the birds.


As the ship completes the loop of the Magellan Strait, you’ll relive and share everything you’ve explored, seen, and discovered on this trip. Celebrate your experiences and knowledge, solidify new friendships, and join us for a farewell dinner and party.


Arriving in Punta Arenas, it’s time to say goodbye. Your journey onward begins with a flight to Santiago de Chile.

Dates & Prices

Start/EndNightsSailing ScheduleStarting From
Santiago De Chile / Santiago De Chile17November 4, 20, December 6, 22, 2020;
January 7, 2021

*Price per person for cruise only, based on double occupancy. Due to the dynamic nature of availability and pricing, please click here to contact us directly for sailing schedule and full pricing.

Ship Information


MS Roald Amundsen

MS Roald Amundsen is the first of two hybrid ships Hurtigruten will add to its fleet over the next few years, cutting emissions by sailing with electrical propulsion. Hybrid technology, combined with the advanced construction of the hull and effective use of electricity on board, will reduce fuel consumption and CO2-emissions on the ships by 20%. The building of these two ships represents the largest single investment in the history of Hurtigruten.


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