Holistic Wellness Retreat at Sea – From Montevideo to Cape Verde

  • CAD $3,155

  • 14 days / 13 nights

Jumpstart a healthy lifestyle onboard an Atlantic crossing from Uruguay to Cape Verde. This retreat at sea includes a 9-day holistic cleansing of your mind, body and spirit. A Wellness Team of yoga and meditation instructors, nutrition experts and massage therapists will be onboard to help you achieve a healthier you. De-stress on the high seas aboard one of the world’s only hybrid-powered ships and return home with tools to better cope with life’s challenges. On this ocean journey you will reconnect with nature and yourself.


Your expedition starts with an overnight in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay.

Wedged between the two enormous countries of Argentina and Brazil, Uruguay is a respite of peace and natural living. The country promotes itself as “Uruguay Natural” and it invites travelers to settle into a slower rhythm.

After breakfast you will enjoy an excursion to learn more about this vibrant city before you will be transferred to your ship.

Once on board MS Fridtjof Nansen you will be introduced to the ship and the Wellness Team.

Relax and unwind as you settle into the ocean’s rhythm and life aboard ship. You will meet your Wellness Team and be introduced to the nutrition and lifestyle activities onboard. Our naturalists will be available to tell you all about our ocean journey and the sea life you may spot along the way.

The three-part vitality program spans the central nine days of the journey and begins today.

Cycles are a fundamental part of life and central to the philosophy of yoga. Each cycle has a beginning, middle and end. When we are able to connect with the cycles of our life, we can achieve balance. Our vitality cleansing plan will follow this three-part process to help you regain your health.

The beginning phase of your 9-day plan focuses on cleansing mind, body and spirit – letting go of stress, cleansing toxins from your body and releasing negative thoughts and emotions. All lectures, activities and meals will focus on releasing negative energy, clearing physical and mental blockages and cleansing your body.

Let go of tensions on early morning 1-mile walks or join special yoga and stretching sessions focused on releasing stress from joints and muscles. Join workshops on how to dissolve energy blockages in your body and in your mind. Our massage therapists will be on hand to help you soften rigidities and strains.

Our nutrition experts will teach you about how to use food to clear your body of toxins. All onboard restaurants will offer uniquely crafted vegetarian dishes and plant-based options. Your cleanse will be supported by vegetable juices, smoothies and herbal teas available throughout the day. There will be many different types of foods to assist you on your journey to a healthier life. Meat and fish will be also be available, if that’s your preference.

You will be encouraged to disconnect from the internet (digital detox) during the duration of the voyage so as to support the holistic detox and allow you to connect more fully with nature.

The focus of the second phase of your vitality program will be on changing negative habits and creating positive ones to reenergize your life. All activities and lectures will be centered on the renewal of mind, body and soul.

Our wellness professionals will give lectures and workshops on how to change habits that are not working for you and how to create new thought patterns and routines to support your mental well-being. You will learn about the principles of yoga and how they apply to achieving a healthier state. Yoga classes will be open to all levels and your instructors will guide you through sessions centered on opening and strengthening your body.

Learn about the basics of a healthy plant-based diet and how to use food as your medicine at special workshops and science of food sessions. Learn about natural ingredients and raw food at special workshops offered by our nature chef and nutritional experts.

Reconnecting to nature is a powerful way to reconnect with yourself. Refresh and invigorate taking part in outdoor activities or relax out on one of the decks to the sound of the wind and the waves. Weather permitting, there will be daily walks out on deck, meditation and yoga sessions, bird and sea observations with our naturalists as well as star gazing into the night.

Equilibrium is the cornerstone to health and happiness. On the final three days of your vitality program you will learn new tools to better manage your energy and time. All lectures, activities and talks will focus on learning and applying new ideas and techniques to sustain a healthier lifestyle.

Yoga workshops will be geared towards teaching breath and energy exercises to cope with stress and emotions. Tai chi practices will help you work on your stability, flexibility and concentration. Meditation classes will show you how to use mindfulness and breathwork to be more present. You will learn mantras to clear your mind and elevate your spirit. Join relaxation sessions with our specialists to bring further balance into your life.

Sustainability is central to healthy living and it is also a core belief in Hurtigruten’s understanding of travel. Our Expedition Team and navigation officers will tell you about the company’s goals and steps towards becoming a leader in sustainable environmental travel.

Enjoy your last few days onboard with newfound enthusiasm and an open spirit. You can experience our special music, sound healing and storytelling sessions or simply relish the sounds and views of the Atlantic’s sapphire waters.

On our last day at sea, we bring our practices and sessions to a close and say goodbye to our fellow guests and Wellness Team. We finish our holistic retreat today with lighter bodies and spirits, celebrating life and the sea as we sail towards the Cape Verde islands, off the coast of Africa.

“No stress” is the motto of Cape Verde and this is the perfect place to end a detox sailing and transition back to life on land. The island of Sal is a small paradise off the coast of West Africa with long white-sand beaches, mesmerizing salt flats and a lovely fishing village.

Join an optional Post-Programme with 2 overnights all-inclusive at a beach resort hotel in Santa Maria to continue with the healthy nutritional and physical activities as well as enjoying optional spa amenities.

Dates & Prices

Start/EndNightsSailing ScheduleStarting From
Montevideo / Palmeira13April 3, 2021CAD $3,155

*Price per person based on double occupancy. Due to the dynamic nature of availability and pricing, please click here to contact us directly for sailing schedule and full pricing.

Ship Information


MS Fridtjof Nansen

MS Fridtjof Nansen is the latest addition to Hurtigruten’s fleet of custom-built ships – and represents the next generation of expedition ships. She will explore some of the most spectacular corners of the globe.


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