10 Essential Items To Pack For Your Trip To Myanmar

Myanmar (Burma) is finally opening itself up to the world after decades of isolation. Since the boycott on tourism was lifted in 2012, this culturally rich and ethnically diverse nation has quickly become a compelling destination for travellers. And for good reason—nestled between India, Bangladesh, China, Laos, and Thailand, Myanmar has as much to offer as its varied neighbours.

10 Must-Pack Items For A Trip To Antarctica

For first-time explorers and veteran travelers alike, Antarctica is a final frontier. It’s a land of extremes—a bucket list destination that comes with a guarantee of adventure and an escape from the usual tourist circuit and its crowds.

When packing for a trip to Antarctica, most people have no idea what to bring.

What You Need To Know About Burmese Food

Burmese food can be shocking.

Here’s a quick guide to calm your palate.

Though influenced by neighbouring culinary mega-cultures of India and China, Burmese food is as distinctive a cuisine as you'll find anywhere between Beijing and Almaty.

Antarctica: Getting To Know The Weather And What To Expect

Sir Francis Beaufort was quite a guy. Self-educated, by the end of his life he had been made head of observatory at Greenwich and the one at the Cape of Good Hope, and when asked by a former colleague in search of a gentleman naturalist to go along on a big sea voyage, it was beaufort who suggested the Beagle take along Charles Darwin.

5 Things You Know About Burma But Didn’t Know You Knew

You know more about Burma than you think you do. Myanmar, or Burma as people (including the Canadian government) who think the military government who renamed it didn’t have the right to do so still call it, is only now opening up to tourism after decades of authoritarian rule that took it off most people’s travel map.

Antarctica: 5 Things To Know Before You Book

There are no bears in Antarctica, but I find it useful to think of planning a trip to the seventh continent in Goldilocks’ terms; her three bears in particular.

You see, you don’t want your trip to this most isolated and extreme part of the world to be too luxurious.


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