50 Years of Victory

50 Years of Victory

We don’t have the heart to use “she” when we talk about i/b 50 Years of Victory – it’s not ladylike at all. Elegance doesn’t matter when it comes to the right vessel to take you to the top of the world. The most powerful icebreaker ever built generates 75,000 horsepower and crushes multi-year ice layers three meters thick. After a few days aboard, you’ll feel her (or him?) sharing power as you together battle your way through the Arctic icecap to 90º north.

I/b 50 Years of Victory is not a tourist ship. Rather, the icebreaker was purpose-built to pilot scientific and cargo ships to hard-to-reach areas of the Arctic and along the Northeast Passage. It is just during the short summer months when adventurers get a once-in-a-lifetime chance to travel aboard this real working icebreaker to the geographic North Pole.

BuiltLengthDecksCabinsPassengersCabin Size
2007160m46412814 - 33m²


All 50 Years of Victory cabins have private facilities with a shower, TV set and DVD player, and opening windows with exterior views.


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