Brazilian Amazon Adventure (2024)

  • CAD $13,580 - (SOLD OUT)

  • April 27 - May 12, 2024

Experience the incredible biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest like never before. We're excited to invite you on an exclusive adventure through the heart of this legendary wilderness, as we navigate the winding rivers of the Brazilian Amazon to explore its untouched and hardly visited depths.

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Depart for your flight to Manaus, Brazil.

Upon arrival, you will be transferred to the hotel and have the rest of the afternoon to relax and explore at your leisure. In the evening, you will enjoy a welcome dinner at the hotel which includes a three-course meal and beverages such as water, coffee, and tea.

Accommodation: Juma Opera or similar (1 night)

Begin your adventure with a half day morning tour led by a knowledgeable guide, followed by lunch in the afternoon. Then, transfer to your site of embarkation and receive a warm welcome from the crew of the MS Jangada, your home for the next 13 days. As your ship departs, you’ll witness the breathtaking natural phenomenon of the black waters of the Rio Negro and the white waters of the Amazon River flowing side by side without mixing for miles. Later, you’ll enjoy a boat excursion on Limão Lake, where you can marvel at the stunning Victoria amazonica, a giant water lily named after Queen Victoria of England.

Overnight on board.

Ship: MS Jangada or similar (12 nights)

Begin your day with an early morning boat excursion on the Purus River, trying your hand at fishing for piranhas and catfish while observing the local fishing techniques. As you make your way to Codajás, witness the daily life of stilt villages along the riverbank, and keep an eye out for the elusive pink river dolphin. In the evening, embark on a jungle boat excursion, listening to the eerie howls of the monkeys as you scan the water for the glittering eyes of lurking caimans.

A walk through the lively town of Codajás awaits today, surrounded by a beautiful landscape where everything revolves around the cultivation of açai berries. A boat excursion will take you to an açai plantation, where you’ll have the chance to witness how these amazing berries are harvested from the tree tops and processed. The excursion also includes a visit to the picturesque village of Iracema. Afterward, local nature guides will take you on a search for otters and capybaras going about their routines.

Following an overnight journey, the ship arrives at Rio Japurá. The morning begins with an exhilarating jungle trek, where guests learn about the cultivation of Brazil Nut, followed by a visit to the Amazon city of Coari where the Brazil Nut is also a focus. Later, a picturesque boat ride takes guests to Coari Lake, formed by the confluence of the Coari, Urucu, and Arauá rivers.

Explore Tefé, one of the largest cities on your Amazon journey, founded by Portuguese missionaries in the 17th and 18th centuries. Marvel at the panoramic view of the ancient river from the monastery and uncover historical artifacts in the still-in-use buildings. Continue on to the fascinating Mamirauá Nature Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the highlights of your trip. Here, explore the flooded rainforest on foot and by boat, home to unique and interesting plant and wildlife. Encounter the scarlet-faced uakari monkey or a sloth watching you from the treetops, and spot cormorants, parrots, and toucans among the foliage. A journey through the footsteps of missionaries, enriched by the natural beauty of the Amazon.

Embark on a boat excursion at the start of the day to the Lagoon of the Caimans, situated close to the Ucari Lodge, for a thrilling encounter with these large alligator-like reptiles. Glide past them in silence and feel the goosebumps rise on your skin. Later, depart from the Mamirauá Nature Reserve and continue westward to Fonte Boa. While on board the ship, take in the views of local river life, including fishermen throwing their nets and children selling fruits and vegetables from their canoes. Multicolored Amazon river boats filled with hammocks pass by as you relax and listen to the insightful commentary of your expert tour guides.

Begin your journey from Fonte Boa and cruise to the village of Terra Nova, where locals savor the abundant and flavorful Pirarucu fish. These mammoth fish, which can weigh up to 330 pounds/150 kilos, are exported throughout Latin America. Delight in the opportunity to savor Pirarucu during lunch as you engage with the locals. Gain insights into the production of Cassava flour and explore sustainable timber practices. After your visit, return to your ship in Fonte Boa and continue your journey, arriving in Jutai by morning.

Explore the wild reaches of the Amazon on a morning boat expedition near Jutai. Relax on the sun deck of the MS Jangada and take in the breathtaking views of the surrounding jungle. You may be lucky enough to spot the magnificent Amazon river dolphins, whose dorsal fins occasionally appear on the water’s surface. Learn about the fascinating culture of the Ticuna, the largest tribe in the Brazilian Amazon, from your knowledgeable tour guide on board the ship. In the evening, take a stroll through the secluded village of Santo Antônio do Içá, only accessible by river, and immerse yourself in the local way of life.

Experience the picturesque river branches via boat to reach the village of Bethania. Witness the ritual initiation dance of the Moça Nova in a traditional hut, where handcrafted masks and black robes with feather and shell decorations immerse you in the Ticuna culture. Enjoy lunch in the lush, green nature of the Rio Iça, before returning to the ship to continue the adventure to the next destination, Sao Paulo de Olivença.

Start your morning with an exciting activity of piranha fishing. Visit the lively and colorful market of Sao Paulo de Olivença, where you can taste the delicious and healthy Amazonian superfruits like peach palms, açai, and camu camu. Experience the daily lives of the locals and explore their artisanal handicrafts in the Ticuna village of Vendaval. As the day comes to an end, enjoy the breathtaking view of the red and violet shimmering Amazon sunset, as your cruise ship departs for the final leg of your thrilling adventure

As you approach Brazil’s border with Colombia and Peru, explore the Maguta Ethnology Museum and view the intriguing masks, costumes, clay pots, and paintings of the Ticuna people. Visit the nearby Peruvian village of Islandia, perched above the water on 33-foot pilings, before observing the unique flora and fauna of the area in the afternoon. Then, a shaman from the Matis tribe welcomes visitors to their village. This tribe had their first encounter with the Western world less than a century ago, and they revere the jaguar, using remarkable face tattoos and piercings as part of their adornment

Equipped with blowguns and the infamous curare poison, go on a hunting adventure with the Matis tribe and learn how to move silently through the jungle while discovering medicinal plants and observing monkeys and birds. Next, take a short trip on the MS Jangada to reach Tabatinga, and explore the vibrant Colombian sister city, Leticia, in the late afternoon. As the sun sets, visit a beautifully maintained public park and witness the breathtaking sight of thousands of parrots returning to their treetop dormitories. Wrap up your Amazonian adventure with a visit to the fascinating ethnology museum in Leticia, the capital of the Colombian Amazon

Following breakfast, bid farewell to the exceptional ship and its gracious crew. Your journey into the uncharted territories of the Amazon has been an unparalleled adventure that will remain with you forever. After an emotional farewell, you will be transported from the pier in Tabatinga to Leticia Airport for your flight to Bogota. Upon arrival, transfer to your hotel for a farewell dinner.

Head to Bogota airport for your flight back home.

Included meals: B – breakfast, L – lunch, D – dinner

Ship Information


MS Jangada

La Jangada is a recent addition to the Amazon ship and the sole luxury catamaran in the area. It features 12 cabins, offering chartered trips that range from 5 to 13 days, ensuring an exceptional experience for its guests. Irrespective of the itinerary, La Jangada strives to provide exceptional comfort, premium quality service, and customized activities.

BUILT Length Width Crew Suites Room Cabin Size
2018 95 feet / 29 meters 33 feet / 10 Meters 13 2 10 17m2 to 25m2

Room facilities

Main Deck Classic (approx. 17 m2)
Main Deck Superior (approx. 19 m2)
Upper Deck Deluxe (approx. 17 m2)
Upper Deck Suit (approx. 25 m2)

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Travel date: April 27 – May 12, 2024
Price are in CAD, per person


Main Deck Classic CAD $13,580 per person CAD $19,060 per person
Main Deck Superior CAD $14,570 per person CAD $20,600 per person
Upper Deck Deluxe CAD $15,560 per person CAD $22,140 per person
Upper Deck Suite CAD $16,550 per person N/A

Single passengers booked in double occupancy cabins are limited to 10% of the total passengers travelling within the group.

First Deposit: CAD $2,500 per each confirmed passenger at the time of booking
Second Deposit: CAD $2,500 per each confirmed passenger due on Sep 30, 2023
Final Payment: Due on Jan 15, 2024


  1. Passenger names must match passport.
  2. Please ensure that passports are valid up till after six (6) months at last destination.
From time of booking to September 29, 2023 CAD $2,500 per person
From Sep 30, 2023 – Jan 14, 2024 CAD $5,000 per person
From Jan 15, 2024 – February 28, 2024 75% of tour cost
From Mar 1, 2024 – date of departure 100% of tour cost

Air cancellation penalties are subject to airline regulations.

We strongly recommend the purchase of trip cancellation or comprehensive travel insurance at the time of booking. Please contact us for a quotation. Prices above are in Canadian Dollars. The program and all related travel services described herein are subject to the detailed terms & conditions of GLP Worldwide which are available at any time upon request and which will be provided with your booking confirmation.


Brazilian Amazon Adventure

Embark on a journey through the Amazon rainforest on board the MS Jangada, a boutique ship designed to navigate its winding rivers. While enjoying the comfortable and relaxing environment, take advantage of the diverse activities and excursions that provide opportunities to appreciate the natural wonders of the rainforest and engage with its unique Amazonian communities.

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