Ecuador and Galapagos

  • CAD $11,440

  • May 12 - 22, 2025 | 10 days/ 9 nights

Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands are a paradise for nature lovers and adventurers, boasting unparalleled biodiversity and breathtaking landscapes. Experience an 11-day journey starting in Quito to explore its rich Andean culture and history. Then, head to the Galapagos Islands, a UNESCO World Heritage site, to meet unique wildlife. Aboard the luxurious Galapagos Legend yacht, discover the archipelago's secret coves and untouched beaches, snorkel with sea lions, observe ancient tortoises, and dive into a world of diverse marine life.

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We depart for Quito from Canada. Upon arrival, you will be transferred to your hotel. Dinner at hotel.

Embark on a city tour of Quito to delve into its cultural and religious wonders. Stroll through the old town, immersing yourself in Ecuador’s colonial heritage. Visit key landmarks including Independence Square, the Government and Bishops Palace, and the Cathedral. Admire the intricate La Compañia Church and visit the San Francisco Church, possibly stopping at a viewpoint for panoramic city views. Continue to the “Middle of the World” at the Equatorial Line Monument, where you can stand in both hemispheres. Explore the nearby colonial-style town, shops, and the Ethnographical Museum showcasing Ecuador’s indigenous cultures. Conclude with dinner at a local restaurant.

Embark on an enriching Ecuadorian journey, starting with a visit to a rose plantation and a leisurely lunch in a private Hacienda. Proceed to the famous Otavalo market, descending through the scenic Guayllabamba gorge with views of the snow-capped Cayambe volcano. Make a stop at the picturesque Lago San Pablo, offering breathtaking views of its serene waters and surrounding landscapes. At Otavalo, explore the Plaza de los Ponchos for its exquisite indigenous handicrafts and vibrant cultural display. Continue to the leatherwork town of Cotacachi before concluding the day with a delightful dinner at Pims Itchimbia, savoring local flavors and reflecting on the day’s adventures amidst Ecuador’s diverse landscapes and cultural heritage.

Fly from Quito to San Cristobal. Upon arrival, our naturalist guides will escort you to the pier to board the M/V Galapagos Legend. In the afternoon, visit the Interpretation Center on San Cristobal Island to learn about the Galapagos’ formation, significance, and conservation. This is followed by a hike to Frigatebird Hill (Cerro Tijeretas), offering views of frigatebirds and the bay. The excursion is of easy to intermediate difficulty, involving flat terrain and stairs, and lasts about 2 hours in total. Enjoy your stay aboard the Galapagos Legend for 4 nights.

Visit Gardner Bay and Punta Suarez on Española Island for a diverse Galapagos experience. Gardner Bay offers a stunning white sandy beach and turquoise waters, home to sea lions, Hood mockingbirds, and Darwin’s finches, with opportunities for an easy walk and snorkeling. Contrastingly, Punta Suarez provides a more challenging hike over rocky terrain but rewards with close encounters of marine iguanas, sea lions, boobies, endemic lizards, and the dramatic blowhole, and potentially the waved albatross during its breeding season.

Explore the historic and natural wonders of Floreana Island with a visit to the famous Post Office Barrel, a tradition dating back to 1793, where visitors continue to exchange letters. This easy, short walk on sandy terrain is followed by snorkeling opportunities. Later, experience Punta Cormoran’s unique green-tinted beach due to olivine crystals, encounter pink flamingoes in a shallow lagoon, and walk to a white beach, a nesting site for green turtles. Conclude with snorkeling at Devil’s Crown, an eroded volcanic cone bustling with marine life, including colorful fish, rays, and potentially sharks, surrounded by a dramatic roosting area for various sea birds.

Starting with Dragon Hill, arrive at a lava dock where marine iguanas camouflage against the dark rocks. A circular walk past prickly pear cacti and a sickle-shaped beach leads to a shallow lake frequented by flamingoes, while land iguanas nest in the dry forest. Later, venture to Punta Bowditch, an untouched coastal paradise. Enjoy the serenity of a powdery beach, snorkel in turquoise waters, and hike beside salt pools and dried corals, reveling in the unique opportunity to explore one of the newest additions to the Galapagos itinerary.

Discover the Highlands Tortoise Reserve in the lush mountains of Santa Cruz Island, a haven for diverse bird species like finches, flycatchers, and warblers, often seen perched on giant tortoises. The journey to the reserve traverses contrasting ecosystems, from coastal zones and agricultural areas to humid forests, offering sightings of wandering tortoises and a variety of endemic birds. Post visit, fly back to Guayaquil, later enjoy dinner with a river view at your hotel, ensuring a satisfying end to your Galapagos adventure.

Embark on a journey to Hacienda El Castillo, a sprawling 700-acre estate 55 km from Guayaquil, known for its cacao, mango, and hardwood cultivation. Upon arrival, savor cacao juice and plantain snacks with cheese. Tour the plantation to see the entire cacao process, from seeding to harvesting, fermentation, and drying. A highlight is the visit to the onsite chocolate factory, where traditional methods produce exquisite chocolate. Witness the transformation from cocoa nibs to the final chocolate, culminating in a tasting of the decadent product. Afterward, relax with a typical ‘costeño’ lunch at the hacienda, then return to Guayaquil for dinner at your hotel.

Begin your tour with a visit to the Centenario Park for a panoramic view of the city, celebrating its independence from Spanish rule. Continue to Barrio Las Peñas, the city’s sole surviving colonial district, offering splendid views of the city and Guayas River. Wander along the Malecón 2000 river promenade, taking in the Rotonda monument dedicated to South American Independence leaders, and other historic landmarks like the Moorish clock tower. Visit a Panama hat shop to potentially observe the hat-making process. Enjoy lunch at a local restaurant, followed by a farewell dinner at Lo Nuestro.

Transfer to the airport in the morning for your homeward-bound flight.




This magnificent vessel, with a capacity for 100 guests, has the charm of The Enchanted Islands; it is still small enough for a more intimate experience with friends and family. With her three different decks, the Galapagos Legend offers a great variety of comfortable and spacious social areas without losing its sense of intimacy. Its fantastic open decks allow you to admire the islands’ flora and fauna, enjoy a BBQ at night, or take some sun at the pool and bar areas. Take advantage of its spacious inside auditorium for important conferences.

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Travel Date: May 12 – 22, 2024
Prices are in CAD, per person


Cabin Category Double Occupancy Single Occupancy
Standard Plus CAD $11,400 CAD $13,350
Junior Suite CAD $11,960 CAD $14,180
Balcony Suite CAD $12,750 CAD $15,360
Deposit and Payment
First Deposit: CAD $2,000 per person at the time of booking
Second Deposit: CAD $2,000 per person due on Nov 8, 2024
Final Payment: Due on January 08, 2025


  1. Passenger names must match passport.
  2. Please ensure that passports are valid up till after six (6) months at last destination.
Cancellation Charges on Cruise & Land
From time of booking – Nov 07, 2024 CAD $2,000 per cabin
Nov 08, 2024 – Jan 07, 2025 CAD $4,000 per cabin
Jan 08, 2024 – DATE OF DEPARTURE 100% of total price

Air cancellation penalties are subject to airline regulations.”

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