North Pole

  • CAD $40,500

  • 14 Days / 13 Nights

This incredible expedition starts in Murmansk, Russia, where you’ll board a state-of-the-art nuclear-powered icebreaker for a roundtrip voyage to the geographic North Pole! Experience the exhilaration of standing on top of the world, and discover the rarely visited Russian Arctic archipelago of Franz Josef Land. This is an extraordinary adventure on a one-of-a-kind ship.


Day Destination Activities
1 Murmansk Arrive in Murmansk on Russia’s Kola Peninsula

Sail north out of Kola Bay

3-6 Voyage North Keep a lookout for whales from the deck

Optional helicopter tours

7 North Pole Drop anchor and disembark at 90° North

Take a walk around the world

8-10 Franz Josef Land See quintessential High Arctic wildlife

Trace the paths of famous Arctic explorers

11-12 Voyage South Sail south across the Barents Sea

Enjoy on-board activities and amenities



Welcome to the city of Murmansk. Located on Russia’s Kola Peninsula, this is the starting point of our adventure. Upon arrival at the airport, transfer to your hotel.


After a group transfer to the port, you’ll be welcomed aboard the 50 Let Pobedy, a nuclear-powered icebreaker. Explore the ship and find your bearings as we slip our moorings and sail north out of Kola Bay.


On no occasion is it more true that “getting there is half the fun.” As we cruise northward through the Barents Sea, you’ll have a chance of seeing whales. Meanwhile, you may also choose to learn about the unique icebreaking capabilities of the ship or tour the engine room.


Welcome to the geographic North Pole! After carefully navigating to 90° North, we ceremoniously drop anchor on a sturdy stretch of ice, and disembark onto the frozen sea.


The Franz Josef Land archipelago, part of the Russian Arctic National Park since 2012, is a nature sanctuary. Polar bears and other quintessential High Arctic wildlife—such as walruses and some rare whale species—can be spotted anytime, anywhere in and around Franz Josef Land. Scree slopes and cliffs around the islands host enormous nesting colonies of migratory seabirds, including guillemots, dovekies, and ivory gulls. Take advantage of 24-hour daylight to observe wildlife and set off on excursions via Zodiac and helicopter.


After an incredible experience in Franz Josef Land, cross back south through the bountiful waters of the Barents Sea. Presentations and workshops by our expert staff ensure that these days at sea are not idly spent. You may also take advantage of onboard facilities and amenities such as the polar library, volleyball court, gym, saunas, heated seawater pool, gift shop, and massages. Scout for seabirds and whales from panoramic open decks and exterior stateroom windows.


After breakfast we say farewell in Murmansk. We provide you with a transfer to the airport for your flight home.

Dates & Prices

Start/EndNightsSailing ScheduleStarting From
Murmansk / Murmansk12July 7 - 19, 2019;
July 18 - 30, 2019;
July 29 - August 10, 2019

* Price per person based on double occupancy. Due to the dynamic nature of availability and pricing, please click here to contact us directly for sailing schedule and full pricing

Ship Information


50 Years of Victory

We don’t have the heart to use “she” when we talk about i/b 50 Years of Victory – it’s not ladylike at all. Elegance doesn’t matter when it comes to the right vessel to take you to the top of the world. The most powerful icebreaker ever built generates 75,000 horsepower and crushes multi-year ice layers three meters thick. After a few days aboard, you’ll feel her (or him?) sharing power as you together battle your way through the Arctic icecap to 90º north.


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